My Day in Fullerton CA

My husband and I love to travel around the country in our RV and see different places and attractions. While driving through California, we decided to take a day and visit the town of Fullerton. We have a particular affinity for all things natural, so of course, we had to visit the gorgeous Fullerton Arboretum.

The botanical garden is 26-acres of beautifully planted and placed foliage and flowers from around the world. We loved walking through the desert collection and looking at all the spiky cacti. While walking through the grounds, we noticed they had plenty of water fountains along the way, which is great for refilling water bottles.

Though the Arboretum was beautiful in the sense that it took you around the world in one day, the entire city of Fullerton does a fantastic job of keeping its grounds perfectly manicured. Just driving through the town was a joy in itself. If you want to look at a map of the Fullerton Arboretum for yourself, or you wish to learn more about the place before you go, head over to their pageto learn more. Another great resource for checking out what’s going on in Fullerton California on your next trip is the Chamber of Commercepage which lists events and other relevant information.

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